Saturday, 13 September 2008

Some Like it Hot

This movie was a debut for me in many aspects. First and foremost attraction was Marilyn Monroe. All I heard previously, she was beautiful, she died young and she was a good friend of John F Kennedy. Ofcourse she was married to baseball player Joe Di Maggio briefly.

I wanted to watch this movie mainly to see Monroe. One isnt disappointed with the introductory scene where in the steam exhaust just kindles her hip as she is walking on a railway platform. She plays the role of Sugar Kane Kowalczyk, a lead singer in a all female band.

If Monroe’s looks were something, check out Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in their comical best. The story starts with a massacre on St. Valentine’s Day which is witnessed by Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon) in Chicago. The mob is after these two and to escape from the city they find themselves disguising as Josephine (Tony Curtis) and Daphne (Jack Lemmon). They end up joining the All-Female music band. They head to Miami for a performance.

Left is Josephine (Tony Curtis) and to the right is Daphne (Jack Lemmon)
Joe falls for Sugar but cannot reveal his identity. Jerry is also attracted to Sugar but he is last in this race as a rich millionaire (Joe Brown) falls for Daphne.

Joe dressed like a rich man impresses Sugar and utilizes the millionaire’s yatch while Daphne is busy with the millionaire. Joe uses Cary Grant’s accent while he seduces Sugar.

Apart from a romantic scene where Joe and Sugar seduce each other, most of the thunder is stolen by Jack Lemmon’s portrayal of Daphne.
The Tango scene picturised on Daphne and millionaire is one of many comical moments which are to be treasured in one’s memory.

The dialogue delivery and the dialogues are hilarious. Look out for series of comical events when mob come to Miami for a convention. They encounter Joe and Jerry and rest is funny.

The movie was shot in black and white much against the contract which stated all Monroe’s movies to be pictured in color at that time. Due to the green tinge prominent on both Tony and Jack’s face, color movie didn’t seem to be the way to go.

This movie was so inspiring that in 1975 Bollywood made a movie called “Rafoo Chakkar” staring Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh and Paintlal. Each frame resembles ‘Some like it hot’ barring songs.

Released in 1959, this movie won an Oscar for best costume design for a black and white movie and Jack Lemmon was nominated for Best Actor in a leading role for his cross-dressing portrayal of Jerry and Daphne.

Directed by Billy Wilder, this movie ends with one of the all time favorite dialogues when Daphne reveals he is a man and he cannot marry to the millionaire….. Millionaire coolly replies “Well nobody is perfect”.

A must watch comedy .......

Monday, 8 September 2008

Roman Holiday

Many movies were made in 1950’s; I enjoyed watching the lead actors and mainly actresses of that era essaying the roles with their own screen brilliance… One that comes to my mind is “Audrey Hepburn”. I had watched Sabrina and Charade before I could get a grab on “Roman Holiday”.

Her portrayal of Princess Ann was picture perfect. Her boredom of being the princess and not getting a chance to lead the life she wanted made her uncomfortable, almost every time. She decides Rome to be the place; for her to escape from the monotonous routine and get a breather. She happens to bump into Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck), a press reporter who is in serious need of a story. His discovery of Princess Ann makes him interested all the more than just be captured by beauty. And she was unaware of his motives.

Princess Ann: I could do some of the things I've always wanted to.
Joe Bradley: Like what?
Princess Ann: Oh, you can't imagine. I-I'd do just whatever I liked all day long.
Joe Bradley: Tell you what. Why don't we do all those things, together?
Princess Ann: But don't you have to work?
Joe Bradley: Work? No. Today's going to be a holiday.
Princess Ann: But you want to do a lot of silly things?
Joe Bradley: [He takes her hand] ... First wish? One sidewalk cafe, coming' right up. I know just the place. Rocca's.

She wants to tour Rome…. Smokes her first cigarette, Dance, have a haircut, ride a Vespa, swim, and what not…. Basically, she wanted to have a holiday just the way she would have preferred. Photos were clicked; most of them would have been an embarrassment for the princess but a fortune for Joe and his photographer friend. This is just one of them.As the day comes to an end, Romance does creep in…. And it was in the end when she realizes it is just about the time to get back, she asks Joe to drop her back. Joe knew, and he didn’t try to stop her. Suddenly the motive of using photographs didnt seem to be the way to go.

Princess Ann: I have to leave you now. I'm going to that corner there and turn. You must stay in the car and drive away. Promise not to watch me go beyond the corner. Just drive away and leave me as I leave you.
Joe Bradley: All right.
Princess Ann: I don't know how to say goodbye. I can't think of any words.
Joe Bradley: Don't try.
Princess Ann: At midnight, I'll turn into a pumpkin and drive away in my glass slipper.
Joe Bradley: And that will be the end of the fairy tale.

The last part when Princess Anne comes in terms with her responsibility openly faces the press of Rome. She gets to see Joe and his photographer friend.

Reporter: And what, in the opinion of Your Highness, is the outlook for friendship among nations?
Princess Ann: I have every faith in it... as I have faith in relations between people.
Joe Bradley: May I say, speaking for my own... press service: we believe Your Highness's faith will not be unjustified.
Princess Ann: I am so glad to hear you say it.
Another reporter: Which of the cities visited did Your Highness enjoy the most?
Princess Ann: Each, in its own way, was unforgettable. It would be difficult to - Rome! By all means, Rome. I will cherish my visit here in memory as long as I live.
The last handshake before they part ways. And the long walk wondering ........ which makes us wonder .... "What If???"
The highlight of this movie is this scene for me: Such beautiful improvisation by Gregory Peck towards the end.

A lot has been expressed in this scene… And this to me is the favorite scene in the movie….
Rather than narrating.... Its worth watching this classic.....Released in 1953, Roman holiday was the biggest grosser and an all time classic. Starring: Audrey Hepburn (debut as leading actress, and eventually won Best Actress Oscar), Gregory Peck whose expressions and deep voice is simply breathtaking. Watch out for the Vespa adventure. And this film is entirely shot in Rome, Italy.